How to Avoid DWI/DUI Charges in Michigan

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How to Avoid DWI/DUI Charges in Michigan

There are two categories of crimes in Michigan, misdemeanor and felonies. DWI/DUI charges are categorized as misdemeanors because DUI poses risks to pedestrians, passengers, and other drivers on the road. Most criminal defense lawyers affirm that Michigan's Impaired Driving Law has some of the most strict penalties and laws in the U.S. However, don't despair if you face DWI or DUI charges in Michigan. Here are three ways to avoid DWI/DUI charges in Michigan.

Challenge the Breath Testing Procedure

There are various ways to challenge the breath testing procedure used against you. They include claiming that the person who operated the procedure wasn't licensed in Michigan, the device wasn't approved in Michigan, and that the device had a malfunction before and after use.

You can also claim that the tester didn't observe you for twenty minutes and failed to record the value of the simulator solution used to administer the test. These are tried and approved ways that criminal defense lawyers challenge breathe tests to help you avoid DUI charges.

Challenge Police Conduct

Improper conduct by police can help you avoid DUI/DWI charges. Your charges can be dismissed if the police failed to read your rights, illegally searched your car, didn't have probable reason to stop you, or forced you to take a blood test when nobody was injured. Professional criminal defense lawyers have various ways to challenge the conduct of the police to help you beat DUI charges.

Challenge the Accuracy of Field Sobriety Test

In Michigan, a field sobriety test can be challenged as inaccurate if performed on a person over the age of 65 or on an obese person. Additionally, if you have some health problems, you can create doubt about the efficacy of a field sobriety test. That's why a quality criminal defense lawyer looks at every detail about the test conducted to turn up omissions and errors that can result in your DUI charges being dismissed, dropped, or reduced.

These are just some of the ways an experienced criminal defense lawyer helps you avoid DUI charges in Michigan. Convictions against DUI charges have long-lasting impacts on your driving record, cost a lot of money in fines, and can result in jail time. This isn't a legal matter you want to risk by handling on your own. That's why hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer is the wisest step you can take.

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