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Polygraph Examination

Polygraph Examination and Testimony of Admission Recently, I was in a courtroom where a criminal jury trial had just concluded. The jury verdict was guilty. I could overhear the conversation…

Criminal Sexual Conduct (CSC)

Have You Been Charged with Criminal Sexual Conduct? So you have been charged with criminal sexual conduct (CSC). what options do you have? What are your defenses? “ I didn’t…

Plea Bargaining

Plea bargaining takes place in virtually every criminal case. The vast majority of cases are resolved with some type of plea deal. Some clients say “I will never accept a…

Forensic Interview Protocols

The Dangers of Not Following Forensic Interview Protocols Perhaps the most important aspect of these types of cases is the forensic interview of the accuser by law enforcement. A crucial…

Source Monitoring in Child Forensic Interviews

Source Monitoring – A Crucial Aspect of Forensic Interviewing As It Relates To Children Weise Law is a boutique criminal defense firm practicing in all of West Michigan. We have…

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