Ways a Dash Cam Can Help You Fight a Traffic Ticket

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Ways a Dash Cam Can Help You Fight a Traffic Ticket

If you have been a driver in the U.S. for a couple of months or years, chances are you have encountered a few traffic ticket issues. While drivers are often pulled over for committing traffic offenses like speeding, tailgating, and avoiding traffics signs, some stops can be due to mistaken observations or justified reasons. Fortunately, having a camera can help you provide evidence and clear your name. Here are ways a dash cam can help you fight a traffic ticket.

1. Speeding

Modern dash cams can display and update your speed every second you drive. This data can help you challenge a speeding ticket, particularly if you are charged with driving at a higher speed than the one displayed on the dashcam. Your traffic violations defense lawyer will advise you to keep your device on at all times to calibrate your driving speed.

2. Distracted Driving

Drivers usually get pulled over for distracted driving. In fact, driving while using a phone is a serious offense in many states. Fortunately, some dash cams can record what is happening inside a car. A dash cam will record video footage and prove that you were not distracted when driving.

3. Illegal Turns and Stops

Drivers aren't supposed to make illegal turns and stops. If you were given a ticket for these offenses but didn't' commit them, a dash cam can be used to provide evidence. A dash cam can provide footage about your turns and stops, helping you question the traffic ticket.

4. Justified Violations

Some traffic violations are justified. For instance, making a wrong turn to avoid hitting another motorist or pedestrian or speeding to take a loved one to the hospital are justified violations. A video recording of these instances using a dash can make you fight a traffic ticket.

5. Record Conversation

A police officer can make claims that you made an admission. Under the first amendment, you have the constitutional right to record the police. Nevertheless, the implementation of this right varies from one state to another. Record your conversation with the driver at all times. Your traffic violations defense lawyer will use the recordings to contest false claims against you.

These are ways a dash cam can help you fight a traffic ticket. Use them to contest traffic tickets. Contact a traffic violations defense lawyer with us today if you need representation or have any questions concerning traffic violations.

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